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Our Vision

To pioneer the evolution of Generative AI solutions across industries, DxGPT envisions a future where businesses transformation with Generative AI. We aim to set a new standard in business communication and management, leveraging the power of advanced AI.

Our Story

DxGPT was born from the idea that AI can do more than just automate tasks – it can transform how businesses function at a fundamental level. Founded by a team of AI enthusiasts and business experts, we combined our passion for technology with a deep understanding of business needs. Our journey began with the vision to create a suite of AI tools that could transform business easier and faster.

Key Challenges in Banking

Time Consuming Data

Banks often experience delays in accessing critical data, requiring back-and-forth communication between data teams and business users.

Inefficient Data Analysis

Manual query optimization and data visualization processes can be time-consuming and may not be optimized for efficiency.

Dependency on Data Team

Non-technical staff may be heavily dependent on data teams for routine queries, leading to increased operational costs.

Data Privacy Concerns

Ensuring data privacy and security is a top priority for banks, and traditional query methods may raise privacy concerns.


Business Challenge

HDSS, kickstarted the compliance, fraud, and loan operations team. Since the engineering department couldn't handle automation, over time, the team expanded, relying heavily on engineer team. However, these cron jobs were fragile and required significant time for integration and logic building.

Our Solution

Designing database structure, Fine-tuning our general models on the customer’s metadata to align with your use cases and priorities, Integrate QueryGPT to the customer’s systems.

Results & Impact

Loan origination time reduced from 3-4 days to a few hours, increasing the number of qualified people accepting loans by 50% and Retargeting was wildly successful, 40% of loan revenue comes from returning customers

Use among RIAs in financial management company

QueryGPT is helping Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) to query quantitative data about their clients without needing to know any SQL.

With QueryGPT, RIAs can simply ask the question they want in plain text, and QueryGPT automatically converts it into SQL, fetches the data, and summarizes it for them. This saves RIAs a significant amount of time and effort, and helps them to get more accurate and timely insights from their data.

Here are some examples of how RIAs are using QueryGPT:

  • To track the performance of their clients’ investments over time
  • To identify clients who are at risk of churning
  • To develop targeted marketing campaigns
  • To create custom reports for their clients

QueryGPT has been a valuable tool for RIAs looking to get the most from their data. It has been easy to use, it is accurate, and it saves RIAs a significant amount of time and effort.

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